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Chicken Hill Co-Operative

Artistic Homes in the Green Tradition

The Chicken Hill Co-Operative is based on the New Urbanist concepts of ecological, low maintenance, high-density housing. The 5 energy efficient houses will have poured concrete floors with radiant heating, metal roofs, sunset view porches and various whimsical architectural embellishments. They will also each have edible (and low maitenance!) landscaping including fruit and nut trees, herbs and medicinal perennials, as well as access to a community hot tub, courtyard and garden.

Each house is a reinterpretation of classical Victorian and Gothic designs merged with state-of-the-art construction that includes "green" materials and slightly eccentric metalwork for railings and gingerbread details by Asheville artist Kelly Presswood of Matrix Metalwork and Design. These designs were inspired by the art of Tim Burton, Edward Gorey and Dr. Seuss; we call them "Industial Victorian" and "Industrial Gothic." They are creative in design and, at the same time, compatible with the historic environment.

The Co-Operative is within short walking distance to the future river park and public space planned by RiverLink. For more information, check out the artist's sketches of the proposed plans at and click on slides 20 and 21.


The Community Courtyard

A common space for the residents of Chicken Hill Co-Operative, this building will resemble a castle ruin and will house a hot tub. Check back to see the progress and watch this clever community space add character to the development.

Edible Landscaping

Those of us who love food must temper our enthusiasm and begin to realize that a huge chunk of the greenhouse gases are caused by our want to ship in fresh food anytime of the year from wherever it's ripe. We need to rip out the grass and plant herbs, replace the Bradford pears with real pears, plums, and apples, and surround ourselves with the food we want. We should enjoy the Eden that is possible in our own front yards and leave bountiful gardens for our children.


Morning glories Gorgeous morning glories
in full bloom at Chicken Hill Co-Operative